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Writing Because It's Right
The words I write
Are my blood as it's spilled across a page
Take a pen to paper
Or a blade to my skin
Makes no difference to me
Except what I let the other people see
Maybe if I didn't
If I just left the ink in the pen
The paper untouched
I'd just fade away
But people swear that's not what they want
So I write
Write so I can stay
Because that's what my friends swear is right
:iconannagrin333:annagrin333 1 0
I Need You
I breathe you in
Feeling you fill every part of me
Kiss your lips
My escape from reality
But there's a familiar taste
One that lingers
Long after you pull away
"I'll be here," you say
But I know better
Than to believe your tainted words
The same words
That left me drunk and addicted
Needing just one more night
But I must go
I wish you well
But you're no good for me
I should fight this
But maybe I don't want to win
So I breathe you in
One last time
So I can feel you underneath my skin
Because I need you on my mind
:iconannagrin333:annagrin333 0 0
Burden to be Lifted
Who am I to say
That people want me around?
I know I'm not needed
So maybe it would be better
If I just left
Let people go on about their days
Without a single thought toward me
It's not like I'd be missed
Despite what they may say
They just tried to spare my feelings
With their claims
'We want you.'
'We need you.'
But I am just a burden
Perhaps one that ought to be lifted
:iconannagrin333:annagrin333 0 0
Capture the Boy
Viktor paced his office in New Berlin. This was bad, very bad. He’d known for a few months now that the rebels had a camp in the Black Forest, but that was hardly something to worry about. Well, until now, at least. He’d had Narissara, his head of intelligence, tap their headphones a couple weeks back, and now knew all their plans. They had a rally planned in Freiburg in a few days, and Viktor had to stop them before they could get it together. They hardly had the manpower to pull people in on their own, but they knew how to get into the warehouse in town. If they got into the warehouse, they’d have access to half the region’s headphones, not to mention lock codes for all the warehouses in the world.
Viktor couldn’t let his world fall, especially not like this, not so soon. He’d worked so hard to make sure it was all his. He’d tricked former country leaders into believing he was doing what was best for them when he took over their country, prom
:iconannagrin333:annagrin333 0 0
The Bread
[The scene opens on a detective and shop girl making small talk in a bakery. A maid browses the bread on the opposite side of the store.]
Oh yes, this will do nicely! [Lifts the bread, inspecting it, then places it in the basket on her arm and dashes out of the store]
[Screeching] THEIF! THEIF!
[Turning around just in time to see the maid leave] Well, she’s gone. But I can help you file a report if you’d like.
[Indignant] Why don’t you just chase after her?
[Pulling out a pencil and notebook] Ma’am, I’m a detective, not a cop. I don’t do that running thing. Now, about that report.
[The maid stands in the alleyway, listening to the shop girl explain the theft to the detective]
[Pacing the alley] No, I can’t get caught. If I go to jail, who is going to feed my children? I must make sure that I don’t get caught.
[Closing the notebook and putting away her pencil] Well, I
:iconannagrin333:annagrin333 0 1
Mature content
At Least The Pain Had Stopped :iconannagrin333:annagrin333 1 0
Mature content
Maybe Now I'll Be Better :iconannagrin333:annagrin333 1 3
Eighteenth Floor Balcony
Her breath toys at my cheek and I close my eyes. A smile plays across my lips, as long as she's here, I know everything's alright. A soft mew comes from the door, and I suddenly realize that I hadn't closed it after I first got up this morning.
The early morning light splashes across my face, causing me to open my eyes. When did she open the blinds? Now she's let the world into our little bubble.
A tear slips out from the corner of my eye, but these tears are completely unlike those of last night. This moment is so perfect, as if it'll never end. "Babe?" she whispers, noticing my tears. I glance up at her, "I'm fine. I just - I don't want to lose this."  
Lua kisses the top of my head, her silent assurance that it'll last, at least a bit longer. I stand and grab her hand, gently pulling her to her feet. I slide my arms around my love's shoulders, pulling her close and humming softly.
This dream, this pure happiness, it's coming to an end, but I'm just not ready. I grab our teddy a
:iconannagrin333:annagrin333 0 0
Just One More Transgression
Head pounds
Thoughts speeding past
Why doesn't my love for her
Make me want him less?
Hearts race
Minds whirl
Passion soothes the urge
But not the temptation
How long
Until it happens again?
Just one more transgression
Scarred across my skin
Spattered on the pages
Of our history
:iconannagrin333:annagrin333 0 0
He was lord
And he was Quirrel
Can I make it any more obvious?
He taught at school
He took ballet
What more can I say?
He was evil
He'd never tell
But secretly he was evil as well
But all of his friends, stuck up their nose
They had a problem with his muggle hate
He was a dark lord, he said "See you later lord"
He wasn't nice enough for him,
He had a turban head, but his body fed a leech;
He needed to come back to Hogwarts.
Five years from now, he sits in his cell,
Feeding dementors, he's so depressed.
He looks out the bars,
Guess what he sees,
The dark lord killing Harry.
He calls up the ministry,
They already know.
They've sent out aurors to stop the war
He stands at the bars, watching his demise
Looks at the man he turned down.
He was a dark lord, he  said "See you later lord"
He wasn't nice enough for him,
Now he's not alive,
Rotting in the ground
Does your turban head see what he's done?
Sorry boy, but you missed out
Well, tough luck, he's dead now
He is avada kedavra'd
:iconannagrin333:annagrin333 1 0
I Should Love You
I should keep you my dirty little secret
Oops, I told someone
Now you're just another regret
Sorry I couldn't keep it
When you play so much
With my fragile mind
How can you expect me
To survive?
I handled it
The only way I could
Spilled the whole story to her
And left her to clean up the mess
At least she's still trying
That's more than I can say for you
I've already given up on you twice
But perhaps third time's the charm
I guess this is my strange way of saying
I know I should love you
But I just love the passion
:iconannagrin333:annagrin333 0 0
A Year of Blissful Purgatory
I met him once, he was talking to my friend, laughing, smiling; he gave her a hug, and then a kiss. I didn't know his name, but instantly, I was jealous. I started prodding her for information. His name, who he was, his likes and dislikes; anything I could ask while still under the pretence of looking out for her. The details weren't hard to get: Seth, he was her boyfriend of a few weeks, and she was absolutely enamoured. I should've known something was off from that first description; Seth was an atheist, not something the heavily Christian Kallie would typically put up with. Not long after, I started talking to him myself. It didn't take me long to see why she had fallen for him. He was charming and knew how to keep his flaws under wraps.
After a couple weeks, he had me convinced that he loved me, that he was leaving Kallie for me. I think it may be worth mentioning at this point that I was far from single. You see, I was dating Allan, unready to break up with such a great guy. Just
:iconannagrin333:annagrin333 0 0
Mature content
I Love You :iconannagrin333:annagrin333 1 0
Here We Go Again
She paced her room, her hair in limp tendrils around her face. She hated him, hated what he had done to her. Not that it was totally his fault. No, she had wanted him too, that night in her best friend's garage. And she'd liked it. She liked the feel as he pulled her close, liked his hands as they skilfully undressed her. Loved the way he kissed, bit, and caressed her like no one ever had before.
She hadn't thought of the consequences though. Didn't think it would leave her with such a longing, such a need. Little did she know, he was going to exploit that. That he'd string her along as his little play thing.
She, oh, I may as well be out with it now, I know now. I know that he toys with me, but I can't stop it. Not that I really want to. I'm so enthralled by him that I don't even care how much it hurts me.
A knock plays on the door and I collect my thoughts and answer it. "Hey," he says, pulling me close and kissing me before I can say anything. I melt into him, loving the warmth of h
:iconannagrin333:annagrin333 0 0
The Battle's Won
Leave me once
Shame on you
Leave me twice
Well, I guess that's okay too
How many times
Will I let myself fall into the same trap
Just for you
To come crawling back into my lap
Once, twice, a hundred times
I'll listen to you bitch and whine
Just so long
As I can call you mine
I don't care
I like the hurt
When you stomp my heart
Into the dirt
It's been my way for so long
But now I'm done
I can finally say
That this battle's been won
:iconannagrin333:annagrin333 1 0
Eccentric, intelligent, poetic, loving
Lover of Lua
Who loves mountains, books, love
Who is afraid of abandonment, harshness, love
Who wants to see the world, her, marriages based solely on love
Resident of purgatory
:iconannagrin333:annagrin333 0 0


Voodoo Doll by 2jan2 Voodoo Doll :icon2jan2:2jan2 3 1
Graduation Day
Graduation Day:
They told us we would be alright...
We had fought with honour and won our titles.
We had overcome trials together -
Watching dozens of our siblings fall in the line of duty.
For this they had promised us, a wondrous welcome;
A bountiful world of adventure, with a myriad of paths.
All this, they said, awaited us in the stone cities.
Large metropolises, where the working folk resided...
There were hundreds of us, who made that journey.
Walking miles across the scorching desert,
Clinging to a hope of the fortunes beyond.
Yet what awaited us was not a promised land -
Nor was it a life based on the merit we had earned...
Instead we found ourselves quarantined,
Pitching tents of inexperience-
Huddling together for comfort and warmth;
As the great gates of employment stood eerily silent.
-Chen Yuan Wen, 18 June 2013
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 690 148
One touch
One touch,
   My world does spin.
So much,
   In a simple grin.
Your touch takes me higher,
Building a blazing fire.
The moment our lips meet,
I can feel your loves heat.
The way you smile at me,
Sets my very soul free.
My love for you,
   Is simple and true.
My need for you,
   Is desperate and true.
:iconfirechic86:FireChic86 5 2
Page 70001 by thepurrfectangel1122 Page 70001 :iconthepurrfectangel1122:thepurrfectangel1122 1 0
Remember that little human 
boy who couldn't read aloud - 
who couldn't hold a pen
because his slick corn oil skin
kept sliding past itself?
Boy, oh, boy.
And he was born a hundred
years too late for his cowboy
dreams. He rides herd on the 
maybes and the somedays.
He sang a knife song - one
that sliced up the rigid spines
of teachers and parents alike
and parted them before him
like God-spoken seas.
Deft elision somewhere between
his teeth and tongue, lyrical, his
words in other men's mouths.
Knife song honed with lime,
polished with manteca.
:iconquiestinliteris:QuiEstInLiteris 29 6
Purest Intentions by RoseHathaway-Belikov Purest Intentions :iconrosehathaway-belikov:RoseHathaway-Belikov 1 0 Little Creek by FireChic86 Little Creek :iconfirechic86:FireChic86 2 0 Deeper than the Ocean by FireChic86 Deeper than the Ocean :iconfirechic86:FireChic86 1 2
Mature content
Goodbye, old friend. :iconwantslove:WantsLove 1 0
SherlockBBC: God I need to sleep by KrisKenshin
Mature content
SherlockBBC: God I need to sleep :iconkriskenshin:KrisKenshin 271 17
I Like To Play With Skin
I Like To Play With Skin:
Breathe -
My dear friends and watch,
As the feeling of life itself
Crumbles beneath each ounce of pain.
Needles slowly piercing into the body,
Paralyzing nerves and expressions.
A mask of pure horror; living terror,
Kept alive on the barest limit of the border.
Such tempting features,
Leave me eager to slip a knife beneath flesh.
Ripping soft layers of epidermal mache,
Tanned and dried, woven slowly into a loving mask.
And with my latest acquisition complete,
Only twenty spaces remain...

-Chen Yuan Wen, 28th April 2013
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 160 13
We have only just begun by beatrice26154 We have only just begun :iconbeatrice26154:beatrice26154 36 4 Forgotten Love by 2jan2 Forgotten Love :icon2jan2:2jan2 1 0 growing upsidedown by GiddianTheBlueBear growing upsidedown :icongiddianthebluebear:GiddianTheBlueBear 2 1 don't lose your head by GiddianTheBlueBear
Mature content
don't lose your head :icongiddianthebluebear:GiddianTheBlueBear 1 0





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